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They did a great job fixing my floors, and got them done in no time. I would definitely use them again. They really know their stuff

- James Locke

Jerry and his crew polished the concrete slab in our house in 2009. This review is 12 years late, but our floors are still in damn good shape. Maintaining the concrete has been a breeze. We have kids and dogs and there has been plenty of abuse. We get compliments all the time. The guys did a great job matching the repairs from the nail holes to the rest of the floor. If we ever move, Jerry will be my first call.

- C

Jerry was very helpful. He came to my home to review the stains on my quartz countertop and told me that I simply needed a better cleaner and that my countertop did not need sealing. Despite knowing he wouldn't get my business, he told me specifically what cleaner I needed and whereto find it. Jerry was professional and informative, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a stone expert.

- Kelly Agent

We needed to have our concrete countertops refinished, as we were getting ready to get the house ready for sale. I found that it was really difficult to find contractors who specialize in concrete countertops (ours had been installed by previous owners). I called Jerry to see if this was something that he could work with even though it wasn't specifically what he advertised, and also let him know that I had considered doing it DIY. He took the time to speak with me at length when about possibilities for how I might do it as a DIY project if I wanted to, which I really appreciated a lot, because he did not have to do that. I ultimately decided that it was too risky to take on, and he then offered me a really reasonable option for him to come in and get them looking good again. On the day of the job, Jerry and his associate Matt, were kind, professional, and got the job done within hours, addressing our concerns along the way, and making adjustments to fit our preferences. I've been working with a lot of contractors lately, and unfortunately, a lot of it hasn't gone well in terms of trying to find the right people and being treated fairly, In this case, I went with my gut that All the Marbles was the right company for the job, and I was right. I would highly recommend.

- J "je06365" Schwartz

Jerry did a great job with repairing our marble. Above everything they are very responsive and helpful on what we needed to have done! Very much recommended!

- Krystal Powell

After I hired someone else who did not show up, Jerry came in and really saved the day with excellent work. He did a great job and came when he said he would. He was very professional. I had 3 separate areas he worked on and repaired. I wish all craftsman were as good as Jerry!

- Joni H

They took great care of our marble countertops

- andres villasenor