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Marble Countertop Restoration Experts

Are your marble countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms causing you distress? Don’t worry; our team specializes in solving marble-related issues and has been providing effective solutions for over two decades.

Discover the power of our renowned “Old World Look” technique, a time-tested process that has revolutionized marble countertop restoration. With an exceptional success rate in over 96% of kitchen spaces, this method is guaranteed to elevate the appearance of your countertops with an exquisite aesthetic.

Backed by our extensive experience, we pioneered the “Old World Look” process over 20 years ago to address the challenges faced by marble countertops. Today, it remains a highly sought-after solution, particularly for kitchens. Homeowners with marble countertops consistently turn to us as the trusted experts in this field.

High quality workmanship for your surface.

It’s important to note that standard penetrating sealers offer zero protection for your marble’s surface and fail to prevent etching. Etch marks are not a result of inadequate sealing or improper techniques. We do recommend considering sealing your countertops if they are susceptible to excessive moisture absorption, particularly in the case of limestone. Sealing the stone can effectively prevent the risk of products and liquids penetrating into the surface. However, it’s important to note that this concern is less common with marble countertops.

Your countertops are vulnerable to damage from acid, alcohol, ammonia, and harsh chemicals, and we understand it’s not your fault. However, we offer proven solutions that actually work. Choose between the enduring elegance of the “Old World Look” or the advanced TuffSkin Protection System. Our aim is to provide you with a definitive resolution to this problem, leaving you with a stunning marble surface that not only looks magnificent but also functions flawlessly. Say goodbye to countertop limitations and embrace true beauty and functionality.

Contact us today at 713-528-7787 to experience the expertise that comes from 33 years of marble countertop restoration. Our team is ready to assist you in revitalizing your countertops and ensuring long-lasting beauty.

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We are certified installers of TuffSkin Surface Protection.