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Elevate Your Houston, TX Home With Beautiful Countertops

Choose durable marble countertops for an elegant finish

Are you ready to update the counters in your home? All the Marbles, Inc. handles countertop repairs, restorations and installations in Houston, TX. We have years of experience using marble countertops to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural cooling qualities, customization options and luxurious appearance.

For more information on our marble countertop services, call 713-528-7787 to speak with our licensed stone inspector.

Make a statement with your countertop

All the Marbles, Inc. can install, restore and repair countertops of various elegant and high-quality materials. We have experience working with:


No matter your need, you'll have a stone or marble countertop you can't wait to show off. Get in touch to schedule professional countertop repairs or installation for your home in Houston, TX.

Before countertop repair
After All the Marbles, Inc has repaired the countertop!

We are certified installers of TuffSkin Surface Protection.