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Expert Stone Repair, Polishing & Restoration in Houston, TX

All The Marbles, Inc. was established in 1991 by Jerry s. Maltz, in Houston, TX, and has served the Houston area with natural stone restoration services and pioneered the concrete industry. As a 3rd generation Houstonian, Jerry believes that training his employees is the key to his success. All the Marbles, Inc. believes that being honest with people up front on the stone problems they have and the expectations they should anticipate is the key to delivering a final product and a truly happy customer. We like "WOW".

Defining Quality, Delivering Expectations

We work on residential and commercial projects and take pride in offering the best customer satisfaction and quality in the area.

Jerry brings 38 years of experience in the natural stone industry and 47 total years in the floor care cleaning & restoration industry.
All the Marbles, Inc. specializes in the flattening floors by removing 100% of the lippage. Our process was developed by Jerry to combat diamond restoration process that leaves floors with rolled edges and a wavey look. Our flattening process is unique, where we can take an average tile floor and grind the tile floor to look as flat as a slab.

What Sets Us Apart in Natural Stone Restoration

Knowledge, Education, Training & Attention to Details. Every Monday we have had a product training and safety meeting to maintain a consistent message and restoration process that our craftsmen use.

Many of our techniques are old world ways of preforming natural stone restoration. Most of the new concepts, and new abrasives will not deliver the same quality as what the quarry will deliver. We are looking for the best results not the easiest way. Our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors. Our edge detail work is the BEST. We hand grind all the edges where most competitors just want to get as close as the "Big" machine will get and not be on their hands and knees.

Concrete Polishing

In 1993, Jerry pioneered the art of mechanical grinding and polishing concrete. The concept came while restoring a granite lobby floor. Jerry's background in the coating industry where he had witnessed many failed concrete coating jobs lead him to try polishing concrete. With years of testing diamond abrasives, Needless to say, the process worked out and now Polished Concrete is a full-blown industry. If you are looking for Polished Concrete, you have found the right team.

Simply put POLISHED CONCRETE is the lowest cost per square foot for flooring material. Our method offers a more affordable way to achieve the resemblance of natural stone without applying multiple layers of coating.


Especially in our market area

Moisture is the problem. NOT the coating.

When a concrete slab is not allowed to breath the potential for failure is great. A builder in Houston would never set a wood floor directly onto a concrete slab as the wood would curl in a few days. The moisture coming through the slab will carry a Ph of 11-13 which can eat away at the bottom of a typical coating and begin to fail. You will see this as the coating will turn cloudy white, then begin top crack like a blister or just peel off the floor.

Why Polished Concrete, truly polished concrete will have a vapor emission of 100% allowing the slab to breath and not trap in moisture. The moisture will win.

We believe concrete is very similar to that of granite. Granite which is 20% quartz 65% rock being feldspar and other minerals like mica, silica or amphibole which undergoes a partial melting and in the cooling process it forms large crystals. Concrete is simple sand, rock, gravel and portland cement and water pasted together to make concrete. So believe that concrete if processed correctly will have similar wearability and durability as a granite floor and a greatly reduced price. With not grout lines