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Expert Terrazzo Polishing and Repair in Houston, TX

Terrazzo is a stone finish that offers a unique look. This material usually contains marble chips of different sizes and colors and it is typically held together with a cement base. In more modern applications, terrazzo is held together with a resin or epoxy base.

Terrazzo can be restored using the same process that is used in restoring marble and granite. Most terrazzo is coated with a wax, and these waxes are likely to collect dirt and become faded or yellow, which requires stripping and re-waxing.

Experienced Terrazzo Repair

Terrazzo surfaces can be polished by our team by using a natural polishing process to eliminate the need to strip off the old wax finishes, which helps to reduce your maintenance cost. When terrazzo is finished naturally you can achieve a gloss or matte finish. All The Marbles, Inc. can restore, re-polish and repair your terrazzo floors, walls or counters. By using gentle cleaners and care products, you can keep your terrazzo looking like new with minimum maintenance. Call us today for more information!




Talk to a Terrazzo Expert Today

All The Marbles, Inc. in Houston, TX can properly care for your terrazzo surface. Give us a call today at (713) 528-7787.