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Expert Limestone Care & Restoration

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that has been used in architecture throughout history. The natural beauty of limestone can make it a popular choice in the design of your home. Problems can arise when the limestone becomes stained or scratched. To ensure your limestone surface lasts, you need to make sure it is properly cared for and sealed. All The Marbles, Inc. provides experienced natural stone refinishing services on limestone surfaces in your home or business. With the right care, your limestone will look as good as new for years to come. Trust the professionals at All The Marbles, Inc. in Houston, TX, with your limestone care.

Proper Care and Maintenance

To ensure that limestone lasts, the natural stone will need to be properly sealed and cared for. Limestone may scratch, stain or etch, but these problems can be resolved with professional natural stone refinishing services by All The Marbles, Inc. All The Marbles, Inc. can clean, restore, repair, seal or polish your limestone, whether it is on your floors, walls, countertops, or vanities. We will also recommend care products to keep your natural stone looking its best.