Travertine Polishing
In Houston, TX

Expert Travertine Polishing in Houston, TX

Travertine is a stone that comes in many different finishes. Travertine comes filled and unfilled; this means that travertine naturally has holes that run throughout the stone. The filled travertine is exactly as you would expect: the holes are filled, giving the stone a smooth finish.

Travertine comes in a honed (matte finish) and a polished finish. These finishes need to be cared for and will from time to time need honing to remove scratches and etching, or it will need to be re-polished and sealed.

Travertine Polishing

All The Marbles, Inc., in Houston, TX, offers services that will keep your travertine looking like new. We can clean, hone, or polish and seal your travertine. If you desire, we can custom finish your travertine to the finish of your choice.

From time to time holes will become exposed in the filled travertine and we can repair these holes and make your travertine look new again.

All The Marbles, Inc. in Houston, TX, can be reached at (713) 528-7787. Talk to one of our travertine floor polishing experts today.